Our belief in mutually beneficial long-term cooperation and a flawless reputation as a partner, has allowed STALCO to acquire distribution rights of Gazpromneft Lubricants products.


By combining mass-market Gazpromneft and premium G-Energy brands, we are positoned to provide lubricants for virtually any lubricant consumer's need at any given price level. Even in the face of increasing requirements for fuel economy and emissions control, we are well-equipped to suit your needs. 

We offer various kinds of oils, greases and technical fluids for passenger vehicles. commercial vehicles, industrial machinery and marine application that are approved by an ever growing number of the world's leading car manufacturers and OEMs. Put in other words, STALCO is your one-stop-shop for lubricants purchases.

To help meet global demand for quality lubricants, we are open to partner with both established and new companies that are looking to develop their current offering and expertise to further strengthen their position. For our partners we can offer a wide range of promotional and marketing support to enhance brand visibility and to increase sales.